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A super fun way to learn technology, and collect badges along the way.

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Why do it?

Badges will introduce you to new concepts, tools, and skills surrounding technology. It is a video learning, quiz & badge system.

Who is it for?

Badges was built for both kids & adults ages 8 and up! People of all ages love reaching goals, completing challenges, and being recognized for their achievements.

What does it cost?

Our badge system is in Beta, and you can try out our demo for free! We plan to have options for institutions & individuals. Keep reading below to find out more!


How does it work?

This software can be used by institutions in classroom settings, or by individuals.

  • Video

    Each lesson has a video that is quick, fun, and full of technology education.

  • Quiz

    After the video, a quiz will be presented with questions related to the video content.

  • Badge

    If you're able to answer all questions correctly, you'll be awarded a bronze, silver, or gold badge for that lesson!

Enough already!

I want to try and earn my Bronze Computer Connections Badge!

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The value of knowledge is greater than the price :)


  • Free
  • Demo Student
  • 1 Video, Quiz, & Badge
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  • Monthly Fee
  • 1000 Students
  • 120 Videos, Quizes, & Badges
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  • One Time Fee
  • 1 Student
  • 120 Videos, Quizes, & Badges
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Mobile phone

Works anywhere

Our Badges are designed to look great on any device, big or small, at home or on the go.

  • Desktop

    The lessons are browser based, and should work on any browser on PC or Mac.

  • Tablet

    Have a touch screen device? The system was built to work right out of the box.

  • Mobile

    Smaller screen? Our dynamic application gives you full access to the same videos, quizzes & badges.

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